Canada's flag Saskatchewan Provincial Flag

Bienvenue ~ Welcome to Wauchope ,Saskatchewan

The bird known ornithologically as Tympanachus phasianellus and called the'sharp-tailed grouse' is the bird emblem of SaskatchewanThe animal known zoologically as Odocoileus virginianus and called the
'white-tailed deer' is the animal emblem of SaskatchewanThe flower known botanically as Lilium philadelphicum L. var. andi num
(Nutt.) Ker and called the 'western red lily' is the floral emblem of SaskatchewanThe grass known botanically as Hesperostipa comata and called the
'needle-and-thread grass' is the grass emblem of SaskatchewanThe tree known botanically as Betula papyrifera and called the 'white birch' is
the tree emblem of Saskatchewan